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The Chosen: Rise Up (Season 4): Rise Up, the fourth season of The Chosen, explores the last, very personal months of Jesus’ life and ministry. The season examines themes of betrayal, faith, and the power of love while the shadow of the cross hangs heavy.

The execution of John the Baptist is a gloomy tone on which to begin the season. The disciples are shaken by this incident, which also portends future adversity. Jesus keeps up his preaching, drawing bigger audiences and increasing attention from the religious establishment.

Numerous major plot points emerge:

The Chosen

Internal Conflict of Judas: Judas struggles with his misgivings and mounting disenchantment. He finds it difficult to reconcile Jesus’ teaching of love and service with his anticipation of the Messiah.

The Women Around Jesus: A closer look is given to the women who followed Jesus, such as Susanna, Joanna, and Mary Magdalene. Their steadfast devotion and faith serve as a potent diversion from the mounting stress.

The Crucial Miracle of Lazarus’s Resurrection: The Sanhedrin, who saw Jesus as a threat, get even more incensed about this event, which boosts followers’ trust.
Jesus imparts wisdom via poignant parables that emphasize forgiveness, compassion, and the Kingdom of God.

The dispute with the religious authorities gets worse as the season goes on. Fearing Jesus’ increasing power and the possibility of a Roman revolt, the Sanhedrin schemes to have him arrested.

The disciples struggle with their own doubts and anxieties in the meantime. The enigmatic statements made by Jesus concerning his impending death and resurrection are difficult for them to comprehend.

Salome, a new character, is presented. A series of events culminating in Jesus’ arrest was put in motion by her deceptive dance at Herod Antipas’ court.

The victorious arrival into Jerusalem marks the season’s climax. The multitude hail Jesus as king as he rides a donkey. But this happiness doesn’t last long. Judas’s betrayal results in Jesus’ arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Season 4 ends on a thriller, with Jesus being taken before the Sanhedrin. The followership is left with a sense of dread and expectation, knowing that the ultimate immolation is at hand.

Then are some fresh rudiments that may be explored in the season

The Chosen
  • Focus on individual votaries Deeper character development for Peter, James, John, and others could punctuate their struggles and eventual growth.
  • The part of the Roman authorities The show could explore the political environment and the relationship between the Sanhedrin and Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor.
  • Jesus’ inner fermentation While staying true to the character’s unvarying faith, the season could subtly allude at the emotional weight of his impending immolation.
  • The Chosen Rise Up serves as a poignant and important memorial of the final days of Jesus’ fleshly ministry. It’s a story filled with stopgap, treason, and eventually, an unvarying communication of love and immolation.

“Rise Up,” the fourth season, has already been made available.

There have been some difficulties, though.

Legal Difficulties: A lawsuit is pending between Angel Studios, the former distributor of The Chosen, and the production firm. Wider availability may have been delayed as a result of this.
Here’s where to look for Season 4 information:

Official Website: For showtimes and group booking information, visit the official website at
Streaming: Visit the show’s app at to view every episode of Season 4.
Here are some more sites in case you can’t find it or want to stay informed about the legal situation:

The Chosen has a video on YouTube that addresses the issue and provides an explanation for the delay ([YouTube i got awful news concerning season 4s releasing ON]).