The First Omen (2024): Tested Evil Unleashed

The First Omen (2024) is a frightfulness film serving as a prequel to the classic 1976 film The Omen.

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The First Omen (2024): A Prequel to Evil

The First Omen

The First Omen (2024) is a frightfulness film serving as a prequel to the classic 1976 film The Omen. It digs into the roots of the Antichrist, Damien.

The Story

Margaret Daino, a youthful American lady, arrives in Rome to devote herself to the Church.
One day, she suddenly finds herself mysteriously pregnant. She goes on to reveal a dull scheme, including the birth of the Antichrist. Margaret escapes from the control of the Church and strives to protect her children. This film touches upon subjects of confidence, control, and the nature of great and evil.

Why to watch this movie?

Fresh Take on a Classic: Investigates the Antichrist’s roots in a new way.
Suspenseful and Chilling: Captures the quintessence of classic horror.
Strong Female Leads: Margaret and Luz are proactive warriors against evil.
Modern Frightfulness with Classic Feel: Offers present day film-making with a common-place vibe.

Before You Watch

Reviews are mixed; some find it lacking originality compared to the original.
Reboots can be divisive; manage expectations if you love the original Omen.


If you enjoy horror and want to see how the Antichrist’s story began, The First Omen is worth a watch. It offers a suspenseful prequel with a modern twist.

Can Faith Survive Evil? The First Omen (2024) is a Must-Watch Horror. Here is the complete story of The First Omen.

The year is 2024. Margaret Daino, a wide-eyed American amateur, arrives in Rome with faithful confidence, prepared to commit her life to the Church. So little does she know that darkness hides underneath the heavenly city’s brilliant arches. Assigned to a neighborhood orphanage, Margaret experiences a world far removed from the devotion she envisioned.

Margaret is left reeling after an inexplicable car crash rewrites the course of her life forever, awakening in an undisclosed medical room finding herself pregnant against all odds and with Cardinal Lawrence assuring her it’s part of his plan for Margaret to bring forth Antichrist through generations-long plot.

Unexpected twin babies

Margaret finds herself torn between trusting in herself and acknowledging reality; trying to escape, but failing. Luz, another orphanage worker and mystery protector helps Margaret run, culminating in a desperate fight that comes full circle back at the orphanage where Margaret gives birth – unexpected twin babies: boy and girl twins!

Years pass. Margaret, scarred but resolute, lives in separation with her daughter and Carlita, a former orphanage worker who became Margaret’s confidante. Their delicate peace is smashed by the entry of Father Brennan, a priest sent from the Vatican. He cautions Margaret of the threat the boy, Damien, poses to the world.

Margaret belief

Margaret refuses to believe Damien is evil, yet disturbing events hint that something dark lies within him: creatures subservience to his presence and flocks of birds seem drawn towards him everywhere he goes. Margaret grapples with an unshakable fear: could Damien actually be an Antichrist, sent here by God to cause havoc around the globe?

The First Omen is a chilling investigation of confidence, control, and the exceptional nature of good and evil. It digs into the beginnings of the Antichrist, weaving a suspenseful story that keeps viewers guessing until the exceptionally conclusive conclusion. With its solid female characters, Margaret and Luz, the film offers an interesting point of view on the classic frightfulness story.

Is it worth watching The First Omen?

Reasons to Watch:

A Unique Approach: For fans of classic horror such as Omen or just classic storytelling in general, The First Omen offers a fresh take on this franchise by exploring how Antichrist emerged in different times and places in different ways.

Creepy and Suspenseful: A gripping atmosphere, belying the legend of a classic horror film, and ominous images evoking back memories from the Omen series’ terror origins; now that’s bad.

Strong Female Leads: Margaret and Luz are active forces in The First Omen, where they actively turn against any schemes they come across, far from passive victims of the film.

Modern Horror with a Classic Feel: The film utilizes modern filmmaking techniques while retaining the essence of classic horror. You can expect good performances and a chilling atmosphere.

Things to consider:

The First Omen has received mixed reviews. While some praise its suspense and atmosphere, others find it doesn’t quite live up to the original or lacks originality.
Reboots can be hit or miss. Rebooting a classic film can be tricky. If you are a purist who loves the original Omen, then this may not be the one to leave your soul trembling.

As a whole:

The First Omen (2024) is sure to impress if you are a fan of vintage horror. But if your expectations for ground-breaking horror films or your love of the original Omen are unreasonably high, then you might finally conclude that it’s all a matter of taste!

How scary is The First Omen? Interesting facts about The First Omen.

The First Omen

Nearly NC-17: The film received a very near NC-17 rating primarily due to the disturbing birthing sequence. This suggests a level of unflinching horror that fans of intense horror might appreciate.

A Touch of the Original: Director Arkasha Stevenson is a self-proclaimed scholar of the supernatural horror genre.
Ralph Ineson has made analogies between himself and The Omen’s Patrick Troughton (1976). These specifics suggest a gesture to both unique movies whereas showing something novel and inventive.

Historical Setting: To deliver the story more profundity and authenticity, the film makes unpretentious references to the social and political milieu of 1971, the year the story is set.

Modern Examination: Film faultfinders have pointed out that this motion picture deftly addresses two modern social issues, specifically the misfortune of real independence and devout hypocrisy.

Possible Spin-off Set-Up: The To begin with Omen’s finishing clears out a number of plot focuses uncertain, which might clear the way for a future continuation that centers on Damien’s developmental a long time and rising to noticeable quality.